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                            Become a Mountain Jew                              

Youth Adventures       

Our youth education focusses on games and experiences that relate basic wilderness and animal safety, ecology, and spirituality. These lessons are connected to the  traditional knowledge found within Judaism as we participate in basic prayer and awareness exercises. 

                 Two Nights                    
                Catskills Exploration

            June 18th- June 20th

This trip is designed for boys between the ages of 14 and 17, and is geared for the beginner to intermediate hiker.  Give your son a jump into the summer he'll remember.  There is space for 12 boys on this trip and the cost per camper is $360.  

                             One night                                           Camping Intro  

                 June 26th- 27th 

This trip is designed for boys between the ages of 12 and 15, and is geared for the beginner outdoorsman. There is space for 6 boys on this trip and the cost per camper is $150.

           Night Hike                                       and Star Gazing 

        July 20th
Get out for the evening and hike at dusk.  It'll be dark and well find a nice view point for star watching.  Might even see a few meteorites.  $25 per hiker.  

                Two Nights                       
       Canoe the Delaware Water Gap  

            August 20th- 22nd 

This trip is designed for boys between the ages of 14 and 17, and is geared for the beginner to intermediate outdoorsman. There is space for 6 boys on this trip and the cost per camper is $400.

Overnight camping trips for    Summer Camp programing

We offer our services to camps each summer. We can organize one to two night camping or backpacking/canoeing trips for campers within the Tri-State area.  Contact Yechezkel Barnett for more details.

Give your son a summer he will remember the rest of his life.  With training in these skills and by understanding the basics of wilderness safety and respect, he may find a desire to seek Hashem in His Glory.


Included in the cost of our overnight camping programs is the trip organization, scheduling, camping gear, local travel, all meals, and educational training. 

These trips are prepared for the beginner to intermediate outdoorsman.  Each person’s abilities and experiences will be taken into account and  accommodations can be made for each individuals' needs.  The ultimate goal is to take some time to get away from civilization.  

At times we'll be roughin’ it; each person will carry their own belongings and we are sleeping in pack tents with pads and sleeping bags.  Proper instruction will be arranged so as to help each person pack appropriately and as light as possible.  Adventures are on rain or shine!  Part of relating to nature is dealing with the elements.  


This Summer: 

We can tailor a trip to your group's particular dates and needs or join us on one of these outings.  

       Motzie Shabbos Outing
              June 2nd - 5th

Head out right after Shabbos and hit the trail head in the dark!  We'll hike a bit, strike camp, and enjoy the site.  We'll do some hiking and enjoy Sunday, find a nice site for the night, and hike all Monday as well.  $250 per person, includes gear and food.

       Meteor Shower Viewing
              August 10th

This is a late night outing.  We'll leave the city by 10 and find a nice dark sky to view as many meteorites that we can!  The shower peaks over the weekend, but Thursday the 10th will yield a good number as well.  We'll be back by 4 or 5 am.  $25 per gazer.

     Men's Survival Training  
              June 9th-12th

This is a four day intensive  wilderness  survival training course.  The topics we will cover include backpacking preparation, trip safety skills, basic wilderness first aide, large animal encounters, and how to manage on extended stays in the back country. $1,000 per survivor.

             Three Nights                                    Adirondack Exploration
          June 21st- 25th

This trip is prepared as a men’s program, but to you can have your son of  bar mitzvah age or older accompany you for a bonding experience.  The trip includes basic travel, food, gear, and guiding services for $800.  Based on the group’s desires after coming together, a white water rafting trip can be added to the itinerary with an additional cost per person.  

          Two Nights                        Shabbos Family Camping
            July 14th- 16th

Camping with the family is an experience like non other.  An eruv is present and all Shabbos halachot are observed.  There is down time to learn, read, rest, or stroll into the forest.  Your younger children are entertained through organized programming and games, while the older children are engaged in character building endeavors and dynamic activities.  This program runs from Thursday evening through Sunday night, but a family can come up from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.  Bonding for Shabbos in the woods is beyond words.  Campfires, marshmallows, or even a caught fish on the BBQ!  The cost per family varies, but roughly $350 for a family of five covers the experience.  

                 One Night
Parent/Child Camping
            June 29th- 30th


Camp Thursday night an hour from the City and be back before Shabbos!  Enjoy this great bonding experience where you and your son or daughter will learn some camping basics, are challenged a little, and experience nature for a short spell.  Harriman State Park is a great close destination.  There's options for camping, swimming, boating, hiking, and fishing.  Best of all you can be back from this hiatus without too much stress for time!   This outing is suitable for your 7 to 12 year old.  The price for a parent and child is $120. Feel free to bring a sibling along as well.  

                  Five Nights
Maine Allagash River Run
            September 10th- 15th


 The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is a jewel in the Northeast.  Great campsites, good fishing, and slight rapids pervade along this 90 mile stretch of river interlocking lakes and dams.  Moose and eagles are spotted as we paddle across the lakes.  The song of the loon is ever present as we scout this wilderness. Five nights will only touch this terrain and leave you wanting more!  This trip is appropriate for your bar or bat mitzvah aged child as well.  The cost per participant is $1200. This is a great parent and child, couples, or group trip.  

                Eight Nights
Montana Adventure
     August 28th- September 5th 


This program features a three night horse packing adventure. There will be several nights of  camping as we tour some of Northwest Montana’s amazing country. The Montana tour costs $2700.00, which does not include the flight to and from Glacier International Airport.  

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