Chai Adventure
   Experience Hashem's Creation
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The Adventure Begins Here

Get Out to the Back Country!

Education, Preparation, & Safety

Our trips are designed to give each individual real experience and training in wilderness camping.  All backpacks, sleeping pads, tents, and meals are supplied for the duration of each outing.  Trips include planning for travel to and from trail heads as well.  Our educational component involves several points of wilderness safety,packing guidelines food preparation, plant and animal identification, basic geology, and large animal safety.  Trip preparation and emergency procedure is discussed as well.  An understanding of ecology is presented in order to promote respectful and enjoyable camping experiences for present and future users of our natural environment. 

Tailored Excursions 

We offer a variety of services along with our guided wilderness adventures. Each trip's activities can be tailored to a group’s particular interests.  We offer adventure hiking, fishing, canoeing, rafting, animal watching, geocaching, and survival training.  On some trips, participants will be carrying their food, clothing, sleeping bags, and tents for an extended stay in the backcountry either hiking or canoeing. Other trips are available as campground experiences with day hikes or boating  for nature exploration.  

Ever lay out beneath the starry sky and wonder why?  Ever wonder what lies beyond that next rise?  Take the chance and spend some time getting in touch with yourself.

G-d's creation inspires awe of His holy hand.  The land we are given to experience Him.  Listen, Look, See, Smell, Taste, Feel-  the garments of the soul's connection with Him.

Finding Spirituality

Our adventures include a spiritual aspect that relates our experiences to traditional knowledge found within Judaism.  Basic meditative techniques and awareness exercises described within Judaic teachings are presented.  We'll be able to daven and learn throughout the trip.  The more quiet we are internally and the more in touch we become with our surroundings, the deeper we can discover our relationship to Hashem and His creation.    

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